Breaking the Clouds

by Klifton Filente

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Recorded in St Pauli Studios

This album is dedicated to Thomas Johansson


released November 20, 2011

All songs and instruments by Jonas Lundvall except track 5 written by Lundvall/Jonsson
Mastered by Matt Kimball
Album artwork and design by Nick Shively




all rights reserved


Klifton Filente Sweden

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Track Name: Foremost of the Westerners
Foremost of the Westerners

The light you bring is far behind
It’s a joke
It’s telling me I can’t be by your side

You can increase you pace
Just try
But you know
It won’t be up to you to decide

Let it travel, let it bounce against your mind
Let’s go around it for a while
Will I ever come to terms with what you meant
When you said life is here to live

It is impossible for me
And I can not imagine
What if feels like for you

It’s a long shot, an excuse
To believe
But I’m ready I am opening my arms
Track Name: A Grand Gesture
A Grand Gesture

I believe in doubt
Yeah I was cured alright
And I fell asleep
To the sound of the steel

Every day is a fraction
Every sentence is a
A distraction

You can never compensate
Never compare
But when will you understand
When will you be aware

And feel
No fire, no wind,
no birth and no death
Can erase our deeds

Thinking about curiosity
I’m thinking of Atticus
I’m dreaming of Anubis
And I’m thinking of you
Track Name: What Are You Waiting For
What Are You Waiting For

Blindfolded and your hands over my ears
Waves crashing to drown out the tears
And I wish I wouldn’t look back
as much as I do
But I do

Bring forward your plan and you schemes
Because there are none as far as I can see
Like porcelain waiting for clumsy hands
You are

It’s not a waste of time
You do realize
It’s not a waste of time
You must realize

A slow fever and a blow to the head
You’d better look down to see where you tread
It might come close but will never be quite the same
Yeah I know

The denial is over so what are you waiting for
The wait is over so what are you waiting for
I’m waiting for you to come back to life
Yeah I do

It’s not a waste of time
You do realize
It’s not a waste of time
You must realize
We run for you
and we think of you
Track Name: Weightless

I will follow your
Your advice I know
You should always go for the kill

Down below I hear your voice
You know
It is covering my view

When your light hits my spine
We forget for a while
When your weight adds to mine
We’re weightless for a while

Lively hands and not a thing to prove
I want the best for you
The best for you

You’re a fairly common miracle
You’re a mutual goal
You are life
Track Name: To Win
To Win

To push it away
To leave it out
To claim you don’t know
What this is about
When you know there is no doubt

Come on, get up
You’ve been down all day
Come on, get up
Let’s go for a drive
I’ve got something on my mind

I guess I win
In case there is a winner
When you hurt someone
In that pure and static moment
We could set it all aside
And just be one

Be good and you will be lonely
Be good and you will be forgotten
Tomorrow you’ll be gone

I can never see what has been done
I can only see what remains to
Track Name: Close the Door
Close the Door

Might take some time
But it’s easier than to stick around
A little more
Yyou won’t be able to see the ground

To leave it be
Shaky and impressed
Now out to sea and throw him
Overboard I guess

If you’re wondering what to do
You know it has to be one of the two
If you’re really want to let it go
To give your all
And still take it slow
Then you have to close the door
I know I’ve said it before
But never appear insecure

Reverse our roles
And back to equilibrium
It’s all you can love
But be prepared to leave some room

To start again
Everything in vain
And memories in perfect circles
Around my brain
Track Name: Gospel For the Newborn
Gospel For the Newborn

I know you’re gone
And you will be forever
And no music can bring us together
But I’m reaching out and on some kind of level
You’re here for a moment

I find myself looking back
I’m looking for some truth
I fear I’ve lost something on the way
But now I feel I’ll find it any day

By nature you have been saved
And I guess you have been brave
So come on, let’s not take this too far
It is love and that is all

So I hope your mind will be free
I hope you’ll think you’re smarter than me
Time will tell, time will be on your side
But I will be right behind
Will be with you for some time